Troutman Sanders Project Development, Acquisition and Finance Partner, Brian Harms  will provide guidance to counsel involved in the development of renewable energy projects, with a particular focus on the operations and maintenance (O&M) agreements that underpin such developments on March 7, 2017. The panel will discuss factors to consider and will outline the important terms and conditions to be addressed in O&M agreements. CLE credit is available.  For more information click here.


The O&M agreement is a key component in the development of renewable energy projects and has significant impact on its long-term success, especially in regards to performance remedies. It is a key document in the review of the bankability of the project.

O&M agreements must address several key issues including the operator’s responsibilities and obligations (including warranties and performance remedies) as well as the owner’s obligations, termination, limitations on liability and force majeure, among others. Legal counsel to renewable energy project development companies must understand the challenges, realities and expectations to structure O&M agreements that appropriately allocate risks from both the vendor and the lender perspectives.

Listen as our authoritative panel of energy attorneys examines the key issues involved in structuring and negotiating O&M agreements for renewable energy projects, offering insights on evolving industry norms and best practices. The panel will discuss key provisions as well as monitoring and management strategies


  1. Key issues involved in structuring and negotiating O&M agreements for renewable energy projects
  2. Key provisions
    1. Services
    2. Performance obligations and remedies
    3. Owner’s obligations
    4. Term and Termination
    5. Warranties
    6. Limitations on liability
    7. Indemnification
    8. Force majeure, change in law and change order relief
    9. Insurance
    10. Intellectual Property and Data
  3. Strategies for monitoring and management


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • What are the critical provisions of O&M contracts?
  • What strategies should be used to structure the O&M agreements to appropriately allocate risk?

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