Infocast’s Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Summit, July 17-19, 2019, will bring policy-makers & regulators together with utilities, IPPs, developers of wind, solar & storage projects, investors, financiers and other industry stakeholders to examine the biggest PJM market challenges, navigate the complicated landscape, and take advantage of the vast opportunities for renewable energy in the market.

Troutman Sanders Capital Projects & Infrastructure Partner, Stuart Caplan, will serve as Summit Chair on July 18-19.

Troutman Sanders Capital Projects & Infrastructure Partners, Hayden Baker, Stuart Caplan and Andrew Schifrin will serve as moderators on the panels listed below.

Panel Description

The Capacity Market Changes & Their Impact on Renewable Energy Project Developments

Thursday, July 18, 2019, from 10:30 am – 11:30 am

The entire renewable energy development community in the Mid-Atlantic market is closely monitoring the continuing changes to market rules and how the capacity market reform is working itself out in 2019 and beyond. This session will analyze:

  • What changes might mean for new renewable projects
  • Wholesale level activity- rules on new projects from wholesale perspectives
  • How the continued development of renewables and RPS’ affect the wholesale market
  • How does the MOPR impact new projects?
  • Potential impacts of nuclear and coal subsidies on markets
  • Carbon pricing – zero emission credits

Moderator: Stuart Caplan, Partner, Troutman Sanders


Agustin Abalo, Director, M&A Origination, CYPRESS CREEK RENEWABLES

Jason Barker, Director, Wholesale Market Development, EXELON


Charles Koontz, Director, Transmission Strategy, CORONAL ENERGY LLC

Panel Description

The Rise of Corporate Renewable Energy – Opportunities & Challenges in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Thursday, July 18, 2019, from 3:50 pm – 4:35 pm

Corporations are exponentially procuring renewable energy all over the country. In the Mid-Atlantic region, there are a number of projects being planned. This session will discuss:

  • What and where the opportunities for C&I projects are within the region
  • Corporate renewable economics- do they make sense for this market?
  • How will PJM reconcile corporate demand for renewables with transmission issues?
  • Challenges- how to account for a supply/demand mismatch as it relates to the grid, land use, and regulations
  • Financing options & structures for C&I projects

Moderator: Andrew Schifrin, Partner, Troutman Sanders



Andrew Levitt, Senior Business Solution Architect, Applied Innovation, PJM INTERCONNECTION

Harry Singh, Vice President, GOLDMAN, SACHS & CO.

Kelly Snyder, Senior Origination Manager, East Region, EDP RENEWABLES NORTH AMERICA LLC

Panel Description

Offshore Wind- Opportunities & Challenges for the Region as Offshore Gains Traction

Thursday, July 19, 2019, from 11:45 am – 12:30 pm

The offshore wind sector continues to gain attention, especially on the east coast. PJM, with its prime location in the area generating most interest, is in a prime position to take a piece of the $300 billion estimated in potential investment to the national wind energy capacity.

  • Where are the biggest opportunities in Offshore Wind for the region?
  • How much potential capacity does offshore add to the mix and what will be its impact on the Mid-Atlantic market?
  • What approaches are being considered for integrating OSW and how do they consider project costs and schedules?
  • What are the challenges of coordinating OSW procurement within and between states?
  • How will the market wrestle with the economics of OSW?

Moderator: Hayden Baker, Partner, Troutman Sanders


James F. Bennett, Chief, Office of Renewable Energy Programs, BUREAU OF OCEAN ENERGY MANAGEMENT (BOEM)

Kris Ohleth, Senior Manager – Stakeholder Engagement – ØRSTED

Nancy Sopko, Co-Director, UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE


  1. Get the latest information about the business development outlook and what financial alternatives you can turn to in the market.
  2. Network with key players from the renewable energy community to connect and share information about upcoming projects and deal-making opportunities.

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